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welcome to merger Monday on quest means business and we want to begin in the pharma sector shares in Milan are soaring it's working with rival Pfizer to forming new company see their Pfizer down three and a half percent in fact almost three and a half Milan look at that up 13 the two are spinning off a portfolio of drugs that no longer have patent protection Pfizer shares are significant lower Macke Egan is in New York for us Matt talk us through what is going on with this deal is this a david-and-goliath tie-up it is a bit of a David and Goliath tie-up you know one of the world's largest drug makers Pfizer is really transforming itself right before our eyes so late last year Pfizer reached a deal to get rid of some of its consumer health drugs including tums and Advil and then late last month Pfizer actually went out and spent 11 billion dollars to acquire array biopharma which is a cancer treatment company and now Iggy's merging its off-patent business with my lance and so what you're gonna see is a combination of my lens treatment with Pfizer's and of course and some of the other well-known brands that they have and so the deal is going to create this off patent generic powerhouse up to 20 billion dollars in annual revenue it's gonna have the presence in more than 100 countries around the world and Pfizer is hoping that this will allow it to focus on I'm trying to go out and find the next blockbuster drug treatment and and spend all that money that it needs to on research and development and get out of this slower growing lower margin business now from a Milan perspective we saw the stock price jump up this morning it's still up double-digit percentages right now some analysts are describing it as a bit of a bailout for Milan because if you look at the long term chart it's down Milan shares are down about 76 percent coming into today from their all-time highs in April of 2015 it's it's a really stunning decline especially when you factor in you know that that other drug companies including vizor are up really tremendously over that Spann and that's because this generic drug business faces a lot of pressure it's also because Milan got into a lot of trouble for their controversial price hikes and another big headline that came out of this news is that mile and CEO Heather brash she is going to retire after this deal closes she really is one of the most controversial figures in health care in part because of all those price hikes and so that is another major development here yeah and I'm sure I'm guessing perhaps that's helping the share price - Matt thank you very much
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